Jun 5th

This summer and fall, Dave Parker of Harbor Press and myself are having a Marlin/ Tuna /Dorado Fishing Adventures at Hotel Buena Vista in East Cape, Baja Ca. For those of you that have fished the East Cape in the past know the quality of fishing that can be present during the summer and fall months.

The hotel is a big sponsor of our hatchery and we appreciate their support. Our first trip is August 17th thru August 21st We have booked excellent rooms and boats at very special prices.

We also will be fishing again on October 17th thru October 21st. For those of you that have never fished in Baja this is good chance to get your feet wet. If you do not have tackle, the hotel will rent it to you. The hotel offers many other extras including a whirlpool spa heated from local hot springs. The food is excellent and they have a full service bar.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Dave Parker at 831-475-3355
Larry Wolf at 831-688-4257

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