Because of the very late arrival of the wet season, and some severe fungus issues, STEP could not provide eyed eggs for the classroom aquarium incubation experience. Most teachers presented the curriculum anyway and some even went on their field trips to the San Lorenzo River to study the steelhead habitat. We were very sorry not to be able to deliver eyed eggs as usual. CDFW decided that this season we should reach our full quota of production steelhead for supplementing the San Lorenzo population before allowing any eggs to go to classrooms.

In spite of the valiant efforts of our steelhead trap team we were not able to take enough eggs. The fungus problem at the hatchery resulted in some brood-fish dying before they could be spawned. New filtration and sterilization equipment will prevent fungal problems at the hatchery in the seasons to come. The STEP teacher-training workshop in January was full. This impressive group will be able to get eyed eggs for their classrooms next year.

Below: These steelhead in Scotts Creek have bad fungal infections similar to what happened in the hatchery. Fungus Steelhead-1 Fungus Steelhead-2