Newsletter: Spring 2014

Spring Newsletter: Challenges of 2014 Read the Full Newsletter The 2013-14 spawning and planting season was a challenge! The late rains kept the spawning runs at sea dodging hungry predators. There was a push to complete the plan and permitting for opening Scott Creek...

NOAA Fisheries comes through

NOAA Fisheries comes through with major assistance for needed improvements at the hatchery! They got grant funding to pay for an aquaculture engineer to design a system to provide for water recirculation, sediment removal and filtration, and U/V sterilization to kill...

2014 Season Recap

Because of the very late arrival of the wet season, and some severe fungus issues, STEP could not provide eyed eggs for the classroom aquarium incubation experience. Most teachers presented the curriculum anyway and some even went on their field trips to the San...