You may be aware that the Santa Cruz Harbor plans to severely curtail or close salmon fishing within the harbor. Their current proposal would allow fishing from the Harbor entrance jetties only, with “in-harbor” fishing constrained to specific “approved events” only. Only an incoming tide of public opinion can sway the Port Commission before their decision meeting on July 21.

That’s why we are asking you to email the Port Commission Public Comment and register your support for continued fishing within the harbor, for those several weeks that the king salmon may be congregating there. It provides a rare opportunity for many youth and anglers without a way to get out on the Bay to experience fishing for king salmon and to bring something nice to the family table.

Please email your comment supporting this awesome resource- King Salmon fishing in the Santa Cruz Harbor to:

and CC: MBSTP Director (

Feel free to use any or all of the following message in your comment:

We urge the Santa Cruz Port Commission to adopt regulations that will allow continued fishing for King Salmon within the Santa Cruz Harbor, particularly the North Harbor area. We feel the fishing can be managed and regulated to minimize impact on the Harbor resident population and infrastructure, and remind the Commission that funding sources are available to support this effort. Fishing for salmon is a part of our culture and a reason early settlers came to the Monterey Bay. These fish play a large role for the Harbor also. And, no one can put a price on denying a shore angler, especially the kids, the magical and momentous experience of catching a big King Salmon. Please take the offer from members of your community to formulate a collaborative plan that can help minimize the problems for the Harbor, while maximizing our salmon fishing opportunities. Sincerely,


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