November was a busy month for MBSTP!

On the 11th, we held our 40th annual Albacore Feed at the Castroville recreation center and it was a huge success- with our ticket sales, silent auction and raffle bringing in almost $15,000!  This funding will contribute directly to MBSTP’s mission of restoring salmon and trout populations in the Monterey Bay area.  Many great prizes- including fishing tackle, weekend getaways and gift packages were won by guests.  This annual event is critical to engaging MBSTP’s membership and the local community in the mission of the Program, and it is a great chance to meet people invested in the resource.  MBSTP would like to thank all of the generous donors for auction and raffle prizes, as well as the small army of volunteers that made this event possible.  Without the support of community members like you, MBSTP could not succeed in its mission of conservation, restoration and education.  We are deeply grateful for the continued support of our membership and local businesses, so a tremendous ‘Thank You!’ to everyone involved.

MBSTP had the opportunity to partner with the Coastal Watershed Commission, Santa Cruz Flyfishing club, Trout Unlimited and Patagonia on a fantastic event on the banks of the San Lorenzo!  The event was held on Saturday, November 18, and included a casting clinic, fly tying demonstrations, and fly fishing 101 classes.  MBSTP engaged in outreach and networking, we also had our ‘Salmon Survival Game’ set up and kids got to experience the challenges of being an anadromous fish in rivers of Central California.  This event was a great chance to get community members involved and interested in MBSTP’s programs- we have a list of new people (lots of them kids!)  interested in volunteering and helping MBSTP in its mission of fisheries restoration.  MBSTP would like to thank all those who attended the event, and also our partner agencies for their dedication to planning and set-up.


These events help our program reach out to the local community and keep people invested in our mission of fisheries conservation and restoration.  We had a great turnout for both events, and this helps grow our membership even further.  With the continued support of area businesses, MBSTP membership, and an involved community, we can continue to make a positive and meaningful impact on salmon and trout populations in the Monterey Bay region far in to the future.

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Thank you to everyone involved, stay tuned for information on upcoming events, and have a safe and happy holiday season!