Position Title: Hatchery Manager

Reports To: MBSTP Board of Directors

Supervises: Full-time Fish Culturist, Facilities Contractors, Part-Time Hatchery workers, student interns, and volunteers

Position Classification: Salaried Exempt

Starting Salary: $80,000/yr.

Start Date: Soonest possible

How to Apply: email your resume/CV, cover letter, and contact info for three professional references to: director@mbstp.org


The MBSTP Hatchery Manager is responsible for the daily operation and oversight of the Kingfisher Flat Conservation Hatchery (KFH) located on Big Creek in Davenport, California. The hatchery serves as the primary rearing facility for the Central California Coast Coho Salmon Captive Broodstock Program, and is the planned location of spawning & egg incubation for MBSTP’s future San Lorenzo River Steelhead Recovery Program. The primary directive of the Hatchery Manager position is to oversee MBSTP’s captive rearing programs by maximizing fish production and quality while ensuring the safety of personnel & volunteers.

Essential Functions:

  • Complete lifecycle rearing (egg incubation à spawning) of coho salmon and steelhead
  • Identification and treatment of fish pathogens, enactment of preventative measures
  • Monitoring and recording of water quality, fish growth, and feed rates
  • Fish tagging/marking (CWT, disc) of broodstock and release cohorts
  • Support for fish release operations and broodstock transfers
  • Ensures compliance with Big Creek Timber land use agreement; the MBSTP HazMat Plan, performing regular safety inspections/implementing corrective actions, reviewing all tasks for safety issues and requirements prior to starting work.
  • Maintains hatchery data and assists with preparation of reports to partner agencies (NOAA Fisheries and CDFW)
  • May assist MBSTP Executive Director with community engagement/outreach in support of the MBSTP Mission (public events/functions, news interviews, meetings, etc.)

Working Conditions:

  • Working indoors & outdoors, primarily at Kingfisher Flat Hatchery facility
  • Working in inclement weather- cold, rain, winds, post-fire conditions, natural disasters
  • Isolated worksite with limited internet/cell communication
  • Physical labor, climbing in and out of circular tanks, heavy lifting up to 50lbs.
  • Operation of MSBTP-owned 4WD vehicles and ATV
  • Use of power equipment, tools, machinery, and construction materials
  • Handling and exposure to chemical agents, solvents, gasoline, and typical aquaculture chemicals & disinfectants

Minimum Qualifications:

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

  • Hands-on experience in the field of fish culture (experience with salmonids preferred)
  • Familiarity with fish diseases, pathogens, treatments and preventative measures
  • Familiarity with basic scientific principles and laboratory techniques, ability to analyze and resolve fish rearing/health issues
  • Ability to safely handle, store, and dispose of hazardous materials.
  • Familiarity with NMFS & CDFW agency policies, organization, and regulations
  • Ability to recognize and correct safety hazards, and successfully respond to emergency situations
  • Ability to coordinate, train, and direct volunteers and agency personnel in a professional and courteous manner
  • Knowledge of plumbing, water filtration, and conveyance/diversion
  • Knowledge of electrical and mechanical maintenance and techniques

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Fisheries Biology, Aquaculture, or equivalent field from an accredited university, and some fish culture experience.
  • Three years of professional experience working at a hatchery or aquaculture facility in a supervisory or management position.
  • Fish Health Specialist certification from the American Fisheries Society is desirable
  • Experience working with state and federally-listed species (threatened/endangered) is a plus
  • Possession and continued maintenance of a valid CA Driver’s License, and a safe driving record
  • Application for, and continued maintenance of a CDFW Scientific Collection Permit is required