The MBSTP hatchery is in a good setting for a small conservation and recovery hatchery. The site also has some challenges. The same challenges that wild fish face on the California central coast. The hatchery has experienced flood, fire, and drought and prevailed, but it has been hard. The experiences have shown areas where MBSTP could harden the facility against potential disasters. Currently, the Scotts Creek Watershed is in recovery from the Lockheed Fire of 2009. One of the environmental effects has been that the fungus Saprolegnia has become much more of a problem for the fish. Fish are being infected in the creeks and in the hatchery. It is not clearly understood why the fungus has become such a problem. The fungal spoors wash down into the creek in the wet season and enter the hatchery in the water supply.

MBSTP is actively engaged in the design and installation of a water filtration system that will remove sediment from the influent water so that it will be clear enough to sterilize using U/V light. This will kill the fungal spoors. Another problem is that in drought years there is barely enough water to support the hatchery fish. A water recirculation system that cleans and oxygenates the water is needed to avoid the risk of disaster in extreme drought conditions. A wing deflector wall along the side of the round pool area would help prevent tank damage from debris coming down the creek during high floods. A new pump is needed to increase the efficiency of the raceway cleaning system.

The list goes on… Please consider helping with donations or in-kind (with volunteer labor, materials, or expertise)!

Thank You!   

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