Earlier this week, MBSTP performed a release of young-of-year (fry) coho salmon into Gazos and San Vicente Creeks with assistance from our partners at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

A total of 12,000 fish (8,000 to Gazos Creek and 4,000 to San Vicente Creek) were released yesterday! These fish were transferred from Kingfisher Flat Hatchery into aerated and chilled coolers for transport to their release site. MBSTP staff and volunteers loaded and released the fish as part of our ongoing efforts to recover native salmon and trout populations to the region.

These fish will now have a chance to feed and grow in the stream before beginning their outmigration to the ocean as juveniles (smolts). With luck, some will complete their lifecycle by returning to spawn as healthy adults.

Thank you to everyone who helped out yesterday! Without the work of MBSTP staff and volunteers, these recovery actions would not be possible