MBSTP’s Kingfisher Flat Conservation Hatchery was heavily damaged in the recent CZU lightning complex wildfire. While many of the outdoor rearing tanks have been destroyed, the main hatchery building and incubation facilities remain intact. Please consider donating to help us rebuild the hatchery and continue our important conservation work on the MBSTP web page HERE, or through our GoFundMe campaign¬†HERE

Thanks to the efforts of MBSTP personnel, over 30,000 critically endangered Central Coast coho salmon have survived the wildfire. However, these fish are now in a precarious situation with a heavily fire-impacted watershed, limited access to the facility, and the approaching rainy season.

For over 40 years, Kingfisher Flat has been the backbone of local efforts to conserve and recover the native salmon and steelhead of the Monterey Bay region. MBSTP works in partnership with the CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife and NOAA Fisheries scientists to operate conservation hatchery programs for Central Coast Coho salmon and steelhead. Kingfisher Flat Hatchery is critically important to maintaining native salmon & steelhead populations south of San Francisco Bay!

We need your help to keep this vital conservation program going!!

Please consider making a donation by mailing a check to the MBSTP office (101 Cooper St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060), making a contribution on our website HERE, or checking out out our GoFundMe page HERE