A Little MBSTP History

Below are two photos of Clifford King and his grandson. One was taken at the Powder Mill Rearing Facility at Paradise Park in 1988 and the other was taken in the same place just the other day. Cliff began fishing the San Lorenzo with his father in the mid 1930’s and fished last season as well. He was one of the founding members of MBSTP in 1976 and one of the many volunteers instrumental in getting our hatchery up and running.

The little boy in the 1988 picture is receiving instructions on the proper care and feeding of steelhead. Many of you may know that this little boy has grown up to become our Fish Culturist, Seth Bowman! His on the job training as a boy has proven to come in handy for his chosen career and a big plus for MBSTP.

It’s great to get together with Cliff and Seth, see pictures and hear their stories of steelhead fishing or, as Seth affectionately calls them, “Steelies!”

Clifford King and Seth Bowman, 1988 & 2015

Clifford King and Seth Bowman, 1988 & 2015


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