San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Jan. 26 – “California Drought Threatens Coho Salmon With Extinction”…

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However, the MBSTP coho captive brood-stock program is alive and well. The unique races of coho that spawn and rear in creeks and rivers South of San Francisco are conserved in our hatchery and kept at NOAA Fisheries Southwest Science Center, and at Warm Springs Hatchery as well. These fish will be hatchery spawned by MBSTP and the resulting young salmon will be released at 1+ years of age into Scott Creek and San Vincente Creek to re-start the native run. We are attempting to catch some steelhead brood-fish so that we can propagate the 2014 year-class in our hatchery and release them to their basins of origin (San Lorenzo River, and Scott Creek) when they begin to smolt. The captured wild brood-fish are also released into their native waters after partial spawning in the hatchery.