Upcoming Events

River Health Day on the San Lorenzo- February 5 @ 9AM

Join MBSTP and our friends at the Coastal Watershed Council for an immersive outdoor experience right on your home river! MBSTP is partnering with CWC to bring outdoor education and watershed science to the local community through a River Health Day. Join experienced naturalists and aquatic biologists to discuss the San Lorenzo River and its connection to our community.

This is a great opportunity to plant native vegetation and connect with your local river to learn more about how to be a watershed steward. Discussions topics will include: water quality, hydrology and anadromous fish species of the San Lorenzo. There will also be an opportunity to begin monitoring adult steelhead returns by scouting for nests of fish eggs (called ‘redds’). 

If you’d like to attend, the meeting place will be upstream of the Broadway Ave. bridge on the San Lorenzo on Feb. 5th @ 9AM. We hope you’ll join us in showing that the San Lorenzo has allies throughout the local community- for more information visit: